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Ten junior researchers have just been selected in AAU’s special talent management programme. The aim is to support the young talents in becoming strong and ambitious researchers and research leaders.

Last modified: 20.12.2017

After having reviewed a pool of 52 highly qualified applicants, on 15 December a cross-faculty review committee and AAU’s Executive Management selected ten junior research talents. Three of them are from AAU CPH.

The research talents will be part of the University’s talent management programme which has been established to support Aalborg University’s strategy 2016-2021, Knowledge for the World. 

The new research talents are:

The Faculty of Engineering and Science:

  • Esben Lindgaard, associate professor at the Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg
  • Kristian Trøjelsgaard, assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, Aalborg

The Faculty of Humanities:

  • Anders Koed Madsen, associate professor at the Department of Learning and Philosophy, København
  • Olga Gurova, assistant professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg

The Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Johan Heinsen, associate professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg
  • Morten Frederiksen, associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Work, København

The Faculty of Medicine:

The Technical Faculty of IT and Design:

  • Jesper Rindom Jensen, assistant professor at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg
  • Theresa Scavenius, associate professor at the Department of Planning, København

The purpose of the talent management programme is to identify and cultivate, for each of the University’s five faculties, the junior research talents who have the potential of becoming the research leaders of tomorrow. In the programme, AAU will focus on both the academic and personal development of the researchers.


The selected research talents will each receive a grant of DKK 3 million over a three-year period; this will pave the way for a number of possible activities.

During this three-year period, the talent must:

  • Complete a research project. This presents an opportunity for developing both a research idea and research leadership skills in the specific research project
  • Complete formal research leadership training

The funding may be used for:

  • Research leadership training
  • Employment of PhD fellows, postdocs or other academic staff to be involved in the project
  • Purchasing equipment and laboratory expenses
  • Network formation activities
  • Participation in conferences and symposiums
  • Stays at universities abroad

The AAU Talent Academy offers a series of exclusive academic activities and networking activities available to all participants of the talent management programme.

The talent management programme will be funded 50/50 by the Rector’s central strategic funding pool and the host faculty/department. The total amount of strategy funds set aside for this year’s talent management programme is DKK 15 million.