Ken Rinaldo performs his first crowdsourced art work at AAU CPH

Imagine a stalactite cave - where meter long stalactites for hundreds of years slowly has been created by minerals – drip by drip. Then imagine how the same cave would look if these stalactites were created by human activity and human overuse.

Last modified: 17.03.2016

Human made stalactites

The American Installation artist Ken Rinaldo has put this thought into practice by making meter long "stalactites" that hangs from the ceiling in the rotunda at AAU CPH, AC. Meyers Vænge 15 - Ken Rinaldo's version of stalactites are made of plastic, metal and the like:

“I am thinking of human activity and oceans and layers of human activity. The 10s of thousands of years of anthropogenic activity and stalactites:  "to drip", and meaning "that which drips" is a type of formation that hangs from the ceiling, though also the recent trajectory of mass consumption and robotic production. 

In nature, stalactites may be composed of amerate, lava, minerals and peat, pitch, sand, etc. though now we see new ones composed of electronics plastics, leachate from dumps and layers of plastics eaten by birds and fed to their young,” Ken Rinalodo says about the installation.

The installation is his first ”crowd sourced” work ever and the first installation in Denmark as well.



Ken Rinaldo is an American artist and educator. He creates interactive art installations that explore the intersection between nature and technology. His best known works are Autopoiesis (2000), and Augmented Fish Reality (2004), a fish-driven robot.

He is employed at Ohio State University - where he teaches in the field of 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, motion graphics and animation.

The installation at AC. Meyers Vænge15 has been developed in collaboration with the students from Erasmus Master in Media Arts Cultures who has visited our campus in the South Harbour . Morten Søndergaard , Associate Professor at the Department of Communication at the AAU CPH is the coordinator of the program , as well as curator of Ken Rinaldo project. 


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