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International study: AAU’s engineering educations among the best in the world

International study: AAU’s engineering educations among the best in the world

In a new report, the American top university MIT has singled out AAU’s engineering educations as being an inspiration to other engineering educations all around the world.

Last modified: 10.04.2018

Number 4 in the world. That is how high AAU’s engineering educations are ranked in a new global report from MIT analysing the best engineering educations in the world. The only universities ranked higher than AAU are the three American universities Olin, MIT and Stanford. The study is based on interviews with 178 leading experts in the field of engineering education. Furthermore, the experts singled out AAU as being an early pioneer within problem-based learning which is becoming more popular on universities all around the world.

Problem-based learning based on real life, graduates with a high level of both personal and academic skills and a continuous focus on education which meets the high demands and challenges of the labour market. Those are MIT’s convincing arguments for AAU’s top ranking.


Top 10 engineering educations in the world according to the study:

  1. Olin, US
  2. MIT, US
  3. Stanford University, USA
  4. Aalborg Universitet (AAU), Denmark
  5. TU Delft, The Netherlands
  6. UC London, UK
  7. Purdue University, US
  8. National University of Singapore
  9. Cambridge, UK
  10. Chalmers UT, Sweden
  • In 2018, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) yet again singled out AAU as being the best university in Denmark in terms of collaborating with the the corporate world.
  • AAU consists of 5 falculties of which 3 faculties are educating engineers: The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, The Faculty of Engineering and Science and The Faculty of Medicine.
  • Read the report from MIT here: The Global State of the Art in Engineering Education (Graham, Ruth 2018)