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Copenhagen has got a new landmark on AAU CPH

Copenhagen has got a new landmark on AAU CPH

The glass bridge, which connects two of AAU CPH’s four buildings, has been transformed into light art and now functions as a landmark for both AAU CPH, but also for all of Sydhavnen in Copenhagen.

Last modified: 29.05.2017

Students from AAU’s own study programme, Lighting Design, have contributed to designing the light art, which now decorates the bridge on AAU CPH. The new luminous bridge was inaugurated on April 21, and is considered a landmark for both AAU CPH and all of Sydhavnen in Copenhagen.

Besides becoming a landmark for Sydhavnen, the bridge is supposed to create awareness of the AAU CPH campus and contribute to the branding of AAU CPH as a university, which makes things happen, not only inside of campus but also in the outside world, director of campus Martin Vive Ivø tells.

- AAU CPH has a unique location here in Copenhagen, and we need to make use of this advantage. The new light art installation on the bridge is going to be a public image, where we can show the outside world who we are and what happens inside the walls of the university. It is a natural continuation of AAU’s strategy, ‘Knowledge for the World’, where we wish to strengthen the university’s brand, Martin Vive Ivø says, and accentuates the plan to illuminate the bridge as a great example:

For a long time, we have wished for our iconic bridge to be illuminated so that it, even after dark, appears as a landmark for AAU CPH and Sydhavnen in general. At the same time, the illuminated bridge will function as a display window showing what our students at the Master’s degree programme, Lighting Design, are capable of doing, as they have already contributed with ideas for the concept, Martin Vive Ivø explains.

Prospectively, the students at Lighting Design will continuously play a vital part, as they will take part in ensuring that the installation is adjusted to its immediate environment, based on the latest research within the field.

Watch TV2 Lorry’s feature about the illuminated bridge below. The feature was aired on April 21. You can read Lorry’s article (in Danish) here.

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