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Congratulations, all new bachelors and masters

Congratulations, all new bachelors and masters

In these days of June, the campus at AAU CPH is buzzing with life and music; champagne corks pop, and flowers, flags and confetti are everywhere. It’s graduation time.

Last modified: 29.06.2018

Many of the happy graduates are being celebrated by family and friends who show up after the final exam or at the official graduation. Even the sun seems to take part in the festivities and shines on all the new masters and bachelors.

Sustainability is an important part of the degree programmes at AAU, and that was clear when President of the Danish Society for Nature Preservation, Maria Gjerding, held a speech for the graduates at Surveying, Planning and Land Management. She stressed the importance of using one’s education to make a difference in the world.

Maria Gjerding, president of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, held a speech at AAU CPH

”We need all of you. With your different skills and knowhow. We need you to help rethink the way we develop our cities, how we use our land, how we produce and distribute our food and how we develop more smart systems.”

She finished by quoting the environmentalist Paul Hawken: ”You are brilliant – and the world is hiring.”

To all of you who leave AAU at this time: Enjoy your summer and congratulations with your degree. Use it well.