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Brazilian universities want to learn more about AAUs virtual PBL-learning

Brazilian universities want to learn more about AAUs virtual PBL-learning

In April 2017 AAU CPH was part of a 2-day programme in Denmark for around 50 representatives of Brazilian private higher education institutions (SEMEP). Brazil wants to ensure more young people in Brazil gets and education - eg. through long-distance learning - the delegation was therefore at AAU to learn about how we teach and research in virtual learning and PBL.

Last modified: 10.05.2017

More young Brazilians need an education

One focus point for the Brazilian society is to increase the number of young people getting a university degree and one way of doing that in an effective way is to make use of virtual learning and long distance learning.Therefore, it was with a great interest that the delegation was introduced to video conferences as learning concept and its advantages by Professor Rikke Ørngren from the department for Education, Learning and Philosophy. The delegation was very impressed by all the opportunities and advantages of making use of virtual learning as well as the PBL-learning method and how it is possible to combine these in a digital learning context.

PBL og "real life cases"

The delegation was fascinated by the PBL process, the roles of students and supervisors and the real life approach presented by associate professor Olga Timcenko, Institute for Architecture and Media technology. The fascination increased additionally, when one of our students Aske Sønderby Knudsen introduced the delegation to his own startup collaboration which has its focus on how to apply an educational environment in video games.   

A very intensive day and a very concentrated audience, who had simultaneous translation from English to Spanish. The delegation was very pleased with the new learning concepts, that were introduced. They felt that they got a lot of inspiration on how to see learning in a new perspective.     


The visit was organized via Innovation Centre Denmark.
The delegation was visiting CBS, UCC and KEA in Copenhagen during their visit in Denmark.
The day was organized by the department for Education, Learning and Philosophy, School of Information and Communication Technology and Shared Services CPH/international advicer Anne Sand.