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AAU Professor Inge Røpke awarded with the BOULDING AWARD 2018

It was an unanimous Award Committee who decided to award AAU Professor Inge Røpke from Department of Planning in Copenhagen this year’s Boulding Award. The award is a recognition of Inge Røpke’s long-term efforts on behalf of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) and the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE), as well as her contributions to the field and to the journal Ecological Economics.

Last modified: 03.07.2018

The Award Committee pointed out the following as important reasons for awarding Inge Røpke:

“This award (…) recognizes her decisive history of ISEE and the ecological economics movement published in Ecological Economics​, as well as her more recent ​work on ​planning for sustainable transitions with a particular emphasis on the essential role of financial institutions and the banking system, issues which are decisive in recent thinking in ecological economics”.

A strong position in the interdisciplinary field

Ecological economics is a scientific field that cuts across the natural, social and human sciences – thus with this award, AAU once again marks its strong position in the interdisciplinary field. The basic concept of ecological economics is that human societies can be perceived as biological systems. Social and economic processes should, therefore, not only be studied within social sciences, but also by using concepts from natural sciences such as ecology and thermodynamics.

In good company

Inge Røpke has worked in the field since the early 1990’s and has, among others, written two highly acclaimed articles on the modern history of ecological economics which are often used as introductions to the field. With the Boulding Award, Inge Røpke is in prestigious company with a number of prominent scholars in the field, for example William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel who were the first to use the concept of “the ecological footprint”. See the full list of former award winners here.

Inge Røpke will receive the award at the 15th Congress of the International Society for Ecological Economics in Puebla, Mexico, in September 2018.

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For more information:

Inge Røpke, Professor with Specific Responsibilities, Department of Planning, AAU CPH 
Mobile: 6077 7138 
Email: ir@plan.aau.dk