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AAU is Danish champion in collaboration

AAU is Danish champion in collaboration

NORDJYSKE: Among all universities in Denmark, Aalborg University is number one when it comes to collaborating with companies. That is the result of an analysis made by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

Last modified: 02.03.2018

The analysis by DI shows, that in the companies’ assessment of their collaboration with Danish universities, AAU takes first place.

87 percent of the responding companies consider the collaboration with AAU as ”good” or ”very good”.

- We are proud to find that we are the top university in the country when it comes to collaboration. The solutions to the challenges of the future lies in joining the findings of research with the problems faced by companies and society in general, says rector of AAU, Per Michael Johansen.

In 2014 a similar analysis was made, and at that time, the result was 72 percent.

- Some universities do better than others, and Aalborg University has made significant progress. Well done. It is a prioritised effort – universities have very different views and emphasis on collaborating with companies. At AAU, they have a defined policy that they want to collaborate with the business world, says Charlotte Rønhoff who is deputy director in DI.