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AAU CPH welcomes 1365 new students

AAU CPH welcomes 1365 new students

Friday 1. September we welcomed 1,365 new students to AAU CPH. Spirits were high and weather was great – the sun was shining and invited to lots if activities and Danish “hygge” by the water front and in the tents.

Last modified: 04.09.2017

We talked to three new AAU CPH students, to hear about their first day of study and their educational choices. 

Sustainability is the key

One of them was Freja, who is a new student at By-, Energi- og Miljøplanlægning (in English: Urban-, Energy- and Environmental Planning). She had had a great day and is very excited about her future times at AAU CPH.

”Today has been a really good day with lots of information, and the tutors are really nice. It looks promising – it's going to be really great.”

About her choice of study she told: ”I attended a course in physical geography in high school and thought that it was very interesting. In addition, I take an interest in sustainability and climate change, and I would like to be able to put this into practice. And then it seemed like the study programme contains a good mix of science and society.”

Another new student, Jonatan, had also thought a lot about his choice of study, and for him his interest in sustainability ended up being decisive for his choice as well, as he has just begun studying a bachelor in sustainable design (in Danish: Bæredygtigt Design).

”When I had to choose a study, I looked at many different options and surfed the internet a lot. I like to work with problems, and then I escpecially liked the sustainable aspect of the study programme. In addition, the courses seemed interesting”, Jonatan explained.

His reaction to the study start day was also positive.

”It's been a funny day, where you have gotten a chance to meet people. It has worked well with the tutors – they are really cool people.”

New methods and an analytical approache

For Malene the basis of her study choice was a little different from the others’. She has chosen to study the Master’s programme Socialt Arbejde (in English: Social work) on the basis of her former work in the social services department in the City of Copenhagen, which means that social work has always been a focus of attention in her life. By beginning to study at AAU CPH she hopes to learn more about new methods, that she can use in practice.

”I hope that this study programme will make me familiar with more methods and help me get a more analytical way of thinking in connection with social work”, she explained.

meet 3 of our new students

FREJA, studying a BACHELOR'S degree in BY-, ENERGI- OG MILJØPLANLÆGNING (City-, Energy- and Environmental Planning)

JONATAN, studying a bachelor's degree in BÆREDYGTIGT DESIGN (sustainable design)

MALENE, studying a Master's degree in SOCIALT ARBEJDE (social work)