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150 study interns

150 study interns

What’s it like to study at AAU CPH? 150 young people tried out real student life as study interns 25-27 October.

Last modified: 30.10.2017

How do you make Sustainable Design? What is Techno-anthropology all about? What does a Land Surveyor do? And above all: What’s it really like to study at the university?

There are lots of brocures and websites around to help you choose an education. But no presentation can show what it is like in real life. Study internship can do exactly that – 3 days of classes, assignments and meeting real life students. This year 150 persons had signed up for study internship from all over Denmark (and abroad), and they also tried out other sides of student life such as Wednesday café and Friday bar.

Besides the above mentioned educations, the interns were distributed on Bæredygtig Bioteknologi (Sustainable Biothechnology), Manufacturing and Operations Engineering, Kommunikation og Digitale Medier (Communications and Digital Media), By-, Energi- og Miljøplanlægning (City-, Energy- and Environment Planning), Medialogy, and IT, Communication and New Media. 

Read more about study internship at studiepraktik.nu (in Danish).