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12 innovative headmasters visiting AAU CPH

12 innovative headmasters visiting AAU CPH

The innovation of tomorrow was on the agenda when headmasters from the European university network ECIU met up in Denmark.

Last modified: 09.10.2017

The 12 universities i ECIU – European Consortium of Innovative Universities – all give innovation a high priority. Their headmasters met 15. September at AAU CPH to discuss how universities kan develop their organisation to handle innovation and business collaboration in the future.

On the basis of global tendencies, they specifically examened the role of innovative universities in 2030, regarding the relationship with the students, research, business collaboration and the part played in their regions.

When the labour market develops towards more numerous and shorter employments and a longer working life, it makes sense to offer more continuing studies in collaboration with businesses.

When it comes to research, the boundaries between universities end businesses, and between countries, are equally dissolving. Globalization is a strong tendency, also for the students who now increasingly have a global outlook when they pursue knowledge and opportunities.

Tour on campus to virtual reality, gene research and Volvo

AAU is the only Danish University in the ECIU network. Other than Denmark, the network consists of universities in England, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Mexico. This year, AAU is hosting the annual meeting, and as a break from the meeting schedule, campus director Martin Vive Ivø and headmaster Per Michael Johansen gave a tour on campus.

Among other things, the headmasters visited the new SMILE-lab, where they were met by associate professors Henrik Schønau Fog and Lars Reng. SMILE-lab is made in association with Samsung, and here students and researchers on Medialogy can work with the latest media technology, including virtual reality.

The group continued to Center for RNA Medicine, where they were received by professor Sakari Kauppinen. The center studies the role of ribonucleic acid in the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

The tour was rounded off at the Volvo User Experience Competence Center, one of several concrete business collaborations on campus. Here, Site Manager Nikolaj Nøhr-Rasmussen showed how Volvo studies product development in infotainment systems and Human/Machine Interface, which is the interaction between man and machine.

”The collaboration between our 12 universities is a valuable forum for exchanging experience and knowledge across countries. It gives us a strong voice in the EU, it strenghens our profile and keeps us on our toes in insuring innovation in the universities now and in the future,” says headmaster of AAU, Per Michael Johansen.

What is ECIU?

European Consortium of Innovative Universities is founded in 1997 and is a network between 12 universities in Europe and Mexico, who all put innovation on the top of the agenda. Common to them is also an international mindset, innovative teaching and learning methods, and high quality research.

Read more about ECIU: https://www.eciu.org