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Your fitness membership during the corona crisis

Last modified: 04.05.2020

Because of the corona crisis, all gyms in Denmark have been closed since mid-March. Of course, this also applies to the fitness center on AAU CPH's campus run by Health Group.

In continuation of the closing, several of you have contacted the campus administration to inquire about refund of the membership fee for the period that you were unable to use your membership. Some of you also have trouble getting in contact with Health Group; others have received uncertain answers, etc.

We have pointed out to Health Group that this is problematic and unacceptable. In line with the opinion of the Danish Consumer Council, we expect that members of Health Group gyms can either freeze their membership or get a refund for the time of closure, as can members of other nationwide gyms. Of course, members can also continue their membership unchanged, if they wish.

Nevertheless, the membership between Health Group and the individual is a private law contract of which AAU takes no legal part. We have a cooperation agreement with Health Group under which we grant campus premises to Health Group members who are either employees or students at AAU CPH. Given that, AAU CPH cannot make fee refunds on behalf of a private company, as some of you have requested. Therefore, requests for a refund must be made directly to Health Group.

In the light of these observations and Health Groups’ current handling of the complaints, we will of course evaluate our collaboration with Health Group, which on the other hand has worked impeccably until recently.

Best regards,

Martin Vive Ivø
Campus Director AAU CPH