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Temporary access to the university

Since we probably still have several weeks of closure ahead of us, next week we will allow you access to the university to retrieve what you need.

Last modified: 24.04.2020

During these times it will be possible to enter with your AAU card and your PIN:

  • Monday, 27 April, 8.00 – 15.30
  • Wednesday, 29 April, 8.00 – 15.30
  • Friday, 1 May, 8.00 – 15.00

We recommend that you spread out over the three days so that everyone does not show up Monday before noon.

It is important to emphasize that access to university buildings is only for a short time and for the sole purpose of picking up personal belongings or work-related items. Staying in the buildings any longer than it takes to get what you need is not permitted.

The condition for entering AAU buildings is, of course, that you are healthy and have not been ill for the past 48 hours.


Especially for employees

You will need to agree with your immediate manager what tools and other university property you will take home.

When you come to pick up these items, be sure to clean up your desk so that the cleaning staff can thoroughly clean and disinfect your workspace.


Practical issues

All buildings are being thoroughly cleaned at this time and all surfaces are being disinfected. All external card readers and door handles as well as other contact points will be cleaned and disinfected early in the morning and several times a day during the three days of access.

To reduce the risk of infection, we encourage everyone who enters a university building to begin by going to the nearest toilet and washing their hands before moving on to their office or group room. We also encourage you to wash your hands before leaving the building and – as extra insurance – to bring hand sanitizer for your own use.

While you are in the building, be careful not to trigger an alarm by leaving doors open for extended periods of time or open windows, as the building is still secured.

In all buildings, Campus Service staff will be making the rounds during the access days. There will also always be at least one staff member from the department present in each building to ensure compliance with the guidelines of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

The guidelines are:

  • Keep good distance and use good hand hygiene. Cough or sneeze into your arm.
  • Avoid coming into the buildings if you are sick or have symptoms of illness. If you have been ill, you must have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours.
  • Avoid being too many people in the same room for an extended period of time.
  • Maximum one person at a time in elevators.
  • No staying in canteen areas, dining areas or coffee rooms.

Find out more on the Danish Health and Medicines Authority website https://www.sst.dk/corona

We hope that the opportunity to pick up work-related items and other necessary items can make the coming weeks easier for those of you who have been missing these things.