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Partial re-opening of AAU from 18 May

Last modified: 11.05.2020

As of 18 May, Aalborg University may increase its partial reopening of the university for teaching and exams where physical attendance is urgently needed. This was the result of the political agreement reached on Thursday evening (7 May) on the second phase of a controlled reopening of Denmark as it relates to the Danish universities.

The details, specific guidelines, etc., for the partial reopening are not yet in place. These will be determined in the coming week, when the universities – in conjunction with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science – will clarify and determine the exact number of people and which areas will need to have access. Once these factors are in place, there will be further information on teaching, exams and research projects.

As before, the second stage of the reopening must be done in a controlled manner, in line with the guidelines of the health authorities!

In addition, the political agreement on the reopening of Denmark indicates that the following initiatives that have implications for universities may be considered in phase three which is scheduled to take effect as of 8 June:

  • Full opening of public research activities that require physical presence
  • Increased physical presence in public sector workplaces

As of August, the plan is to fully open all programmes. However, these openings depend on keeping the epidemic at a controlled level.