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Fitness club to reopen Monday 15 June

The reopening of society after the corona crisis has now reached the Copenhagen area and AAU CPH will be reopening little by little from Monday next week. This means it will once again be possible for members to go to the fitness club on campus.

Last modified: 12.06.2020

Health Group has been preparing the fitness facilities in order to comply with guidelines from the Danish health authorities. To keep everybody safe while working out, there will also be a set of rules and guidelines to follow when you return to the fitness facilities. Please help each other establish new extra hygienic routines in the gym.

The rest of the campus area is still not fully reopened for students and your visit to the fitness facilities cannot be extended to visiting group rooms, canteens or other locations on campus unless you’re going to exams.


Guidelines Reopening AAU Fitness - Max. capacity: 38 people

  • You are not allowed in the gym if the number of people exceeds the above number. Wait until a person leaves the gym, then you can enter. Independent restrictions have been put up on the doors to the group classes.
  • One person per 4 m2 of floor space is allowed, so its your own responsibility that you keep two meters to any person in the gym.
  • Yoga and exercise mats, sandbags and boxing gloves are removed due to recommendations from the Danish Health Authorities. We encourage you to bring your own equipment if this is to be used for training.
  • To the extent that exercise equipment is nevertheless used, they should be cleaned after use, and users should have extra focus on hand hygiene. For example, hands should be disinfected when using fitness equipment before and after a session.
  • Use hand sanitizer and spray for equipment – all present in the gym
  • Extra ventilation and cleaning should be performed as part of daily operations with frequent disinfection of touch surfaces such as door handles, card readers, taps and exercise equipment and machines. NB!! Users should help with this during your time in the gym.
  • For training equipment and machines, contact surfaces should be disinfected between each use. This can be done appropriately by the users themselves.


We are all highly dependent on all users follow the general recommendations from the Danish health authorities:          

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Cough or sneeze in your sleeve
  • Keep distance
  • Stay home if you feel sick