Office supply


Employees of AAU CPH can collect office supplies for personal daily consumption (i.e. not for use at conferences) and consumables for staff kitchens from Facility Support Service on the ground floor of building A (ACM15). You will find the Facility Support Service through the blue door in the stairwell to the right of the information desk (when looking at the information desk from the rotunda).

Supplies can be collected during opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 15:30 and Friday from 8:00 to 15:00.

The range of supplies for communal use supplied by Shared Service CPH is a standard range. This standard range includes various folders, writing implement, pads of paper, staples etc. In addition, it includes dishwasher tablets, hand soap, washing-up brushes etc.

If there is no more stock of a particular item and it is not possible to wait for the next restocking, the individual faculty / department must itself order the item in. In addition to items in the standard range, stock is kept of batteries and padded envelopes (jiffy bags) as well as envelopes stamped with the AAU CPH logo. These items are regularly restocked by Shared Services CPH.

If you require items that are either not in the standard range or which are to be used in examinations, graduate courses, at conferences or other events, you must place an order for these items via Lyreco’s website.

This requires that you register an account with Lyreco. Creating an AAU login on Lyreco’s website is done by sending an email to Lyreco’s contact person listed below:

Anjacicilie Mejer:

If you have registered an account in ØSS (AAU’s Financial Management System), you can place an order directly from AAU via Iprocurement.

You can pick up a Lyreco catalogue at the information desk.


Campus Service CPH: