Do you have an event - such as a Ph.D. defense or a conference - that you would like the outside world to hear about? If so, you can get your event listed in our event calendars at and

Events held in Danish will be entered in the calendar on Danish language pages at and Events held in English will be entered in the calendars on both Danish and English language pages.

how to get your event in our event calendars

Fill out the event template:

Once you have filled out the template, you can do two things:

To make sure that your event has time to be noticed on the calendar, and that we have time to enter it, please send the template no later than 10 working days before the event is due. Please remember to include a photo.


There is the possibility of displaying news or information regarding an event on the information screens that are located at campus. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please fill out an information screen template and send it to

Please remember to include a picture or graphic element in the information screen (see guidelines for content on the information screens).

Note: We need to have the template at least 5 working days before it needs to run. The templates are replaced each Monday and Wednesday morning. 


The information screens can play video in an mp4 format. If you wish to have a video played, please send it to for review. Videos should follow the guidelines for relevance for the information screens.


Communications CPH administers the large outdoor screen, which is mounted on the gable end of building B. If you have a suggestion for content to be displayed on the screen, please feel free to write to us at


AAU CPH's Facebook page is primarily targeted at current students on campus in Copenhagen. If you have a suggestion for a post on AAU CPH’s Facebook page, please send us an email at:

Find our facebook page here


Each week AAU CPH's Instagram profile is hosted by a new student who posts images from his or her day-to-day life as a student on campus. Contact if you have any questions regarding the profile or a suggestion for a potential new instagrammer.

Find our instagram profile here


Do you have a good story that you think the world should hear about? In that case please feel free to contact one of the university’s press officers.

Find a list of press officers here


In AAU's design guide you will find logos, stationery and PowerPoint templates.

Find the design guide here (in danish)

PowerPoint template

Find the generel AAU PowerPoint template in the AAU design guide, or use our template with pictures from AAU CPH.

Find the AAU CPH template here