Campus Services CPH

what can Campus Services CPH assist you with?

  • Activation of your student and employee ID card (see specific information concerning entry cards and rules surrounding them at AAU here)
  • Taking of photos for the purpose of new employee ID cards
  • Issuing of guest ID cards and paper on general rules concerning terms of access
  • Supervision of buildings and outdoor areas, including group study rooms and seminar rooms
  • Delivery of paper for photocopiers/multifunction printers
  • Replacement of toner cartridges in photocopiers/multifunction printers (not ordinary printers)
  • Furnishing of rooms for the purposes of teaching
  • Maintenance and refilling of coffee machines
  • Administration of parking permits
  • Replacement of sources of lighting
  • Mail handling, sorting, franking and dispatch of letters and parcels



If you wish to report faults and deficiencies on the campus buildings, please use the system Building Support or the AAU Building Support app.

Local help desk: Facility Support Service is located in Building A (ACM15) on the ground floor (enter via the blue door to the right of the information desk). Opening hours: Monday - Thursday from 8:00 - 15:30 and Friday from 8:00 -15:00.
Contact: +45 9940 2571

A list of Campus Services staff can be found here.

Emergency telephone number

In cases of acute damage to buildings and installations (e.g. acute water damage, refrigeration breakdowns, etc.), both during and outside of normal working hours, you must call Campus Services CPH on: + 45 9940 3600

Office supply

Office supply

Templates for door signs

Templates for door signs

You can find templates for signs with room number and names of the employees in the department here. Fill out the template and put the sign on the door to the department.

Download templates for door signs