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Regulations and policies

Smoking policy and regulations 

All smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited anywhere in university buildings and in university vehicles. At AAU CPH, smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking zones – and not at entrance areas, balconies or any other places at the campus area. The smoking ban applies at all times throughout the year, also in connection with special occasions such as conferences, meetings, receptions and parties. It is the joint responsibility of staff and students that the smoking policy is respected. You can read more about the general AAU smoking policy and regulations here.


There are 6 smoking zones and 4 roofed smoking booths scattered throughout the outdoor area. All zones are within easy reach from anywhere at campus, so it should be possible to get there even during short breaks. Red nudging-dots and clear signage makes it easy to find one’s way. 

You can view all 10 smoking zones at the map below. 

Map of the smoking zones

Candle Safety Rules

NOTE! Students are not allowed to use lit candles or any other sources of open flame at campus. 

Below, you will find safety rules you must follow if you want to light candles at campus. There are no exceptions to the rules. 

  • Always put out lit candles before leaving a room
  • Always use a candleholder specifically designed for candle use
  • Be sure to place candleholders on a stable, heat-resistant surface 
  • Be sure to place tealight candles on heat-resistant, non-flammable surfaces or best in candleholders
  • Always keep lit decorations within sight

Be aware that lit candles emit harmful particles, and asthma sufferers often experience discomfort in a room with many lit candles. Always air rooms following the use of candles, and show respect if a colleague asks you to put out lit candles. 

Specific local factors related to for example fire detector installations or the similar may dictate a tightening of the candle safety regulations. Please see the regulations about candle safety here.


Students wishing to hold a student-related event at AAU CPH should contact Campus Services CPH at CID@cph.aau.dk.

It is important to note that there are regulations, which must be observed in connection with the holding of student events.

Find a copy of the rules in English here

Alternative use of rooms and campus areas

To assist users wishing to hold an alternative, academic activity at AAU CPH, Shared Services CPH has developed a set of local guidelines to ensure that users comply with AAU's general regulations in force. Alternative, academic purposes cover usage that differs from the normal use of the areas and may include for example exhibitions and experiments in connection with project work or research. Generally, such activity use will be allowed as long as the rules are observed, and provided that the activity does not conflict with other activities in the particular area(s) or on campus in general during that period.

Find regulations here