Access to campus

Access to campus 

There is free access to campus between the hours of 7:30 and 17:00 Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, an AAU entry card is required in order to enter the buildings.


AAU CPH is divided into open and closed areas. The open areas, which do not require an AAU ID entry card in order to gain access, are: the canteens, the rotunda, the reception and other public areas around the campus.

In the closed areas, which comprise office areas and the like, there is restricted access and it is therefore necessary to use an AAU ID entry card to gain entry.

Bring your AAUcard with you

Staff and students must be able to show a valid AAUcard if asked by security. Guests must either refer to a person (staff or student) or state the reason for their visit, or they must carry a guest card.


The AAU ID card allows access to Aalborg University's buildings.
Read more about the card and how it works here.