Tutor Team

a friendly welcoming face

The Tutor Team is a team of students from every study programme, though you may mostly have contact with tutors from your own programme. They will help you get settled at the university and can help you find your way around campus and in Copenhagen.

The Tutors wil be visible at the study start, and they will be able to answer questions or at least tell you where your questions can be answered. 

The Tutor Team will also take part in the social events planned at the beginning of the autumn semester. Futhermore, they will be able to help you with suggestions as to what to do in Copenhagen.

If you have any questions regarding the Tutor Team at AAU CPH, please send an email to the team at:

The Tutor Team



Hi my name is Tilde, and this is my third year as a Tutor. 

I actually wanted to become a Tutor since my first day! It seemed like they were having fun, and I was right! Being a Tutor is a fun and amazing experience, and you get to meet new people and be the connecting link between semesters.

Because this is also what a Tutor is - a connection! The Tutors connect people from different semesters, and make sure the new ones get to be part of the amazing community.

A Tutor is someone who helps you with what the future brings, how to survive, where to get the best food - or just a “hello” in the hallway.

It is great being a part of it, and it’s great experiencing it.