ViLD annual meeting 2020  invitation

ViLD ANNUAL ONLINE MEETING 2020: Design Revelations - Visual practices that challenge and reveal

Update: The ViLD Annual Meeting 2020 has transformed into a shorter format. Due to corona your participation will be via Zoom. The meeting will still be 12. November and now from 13.00 – 16.00 (Danish time).Deadline for registration is extended to 5. November. The online meeting is free of charge.


12.11.2020 kl. 13.00 - 16.00




After the deadline for registration, you will receive practical information including a table where we ask you to choose two Mini-speaks (out of four) or the PhD-track (only for PhD students that have submitted an abstract). All speak-rooms will have a separate Zoom link.


13.00 –13.05: Welcome. Bo Nielson, University College Copenhagen, ViLD partner
13.05 –13.10: Introductory thoughts. Director of ViLD, Mie Buhl, AAU
13.10 –13.30: How to be ViLD: PhD, Nathalie Schümchen, SDU, PhD student Heidi Hautopp, AAU
13.35 –14.00: Mini-speak 1, Mini-speak 2, PhD track 5


14.10 –14.35: Mini-speak 3, Mini-speak 4, PhD track 5


14.45–15.30: Keynote: Wilful technologies, Associate Professor Lone Kofoed Hansen Aarhus University
15.30–15.55: Panel discussion
16.00: See you next year – hopefully back in a real life setting!


Mini speak 1:

Stepping into Knowledge: Inspiration & Understanding through Virtual Reality / The Animation Workshop

Minis peak 2:

Hacking the Design Concept in Technology Comprehension / University College Lillebaelt (UCL), Aalborg University (AAU)

Mini speak 3:

Reflections on HOME through Visual Thinking and Research / University College Copenhagen

Mini speak 4:

Design Exploration Unfolded in an Ethical and Sensitive Environment / The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KDAK)

PhD track 5:

Design School Kolding, Aalborg University


Download program as pdf




The online meeting is free of charge


ViLD - Research Center: Visual Studies and Learning Design


The online meeting is hosted by University College Copenhagen.

Registration Deadline

05.11.2020 kl. 12.00