Queens Festival at Aalborg University Copenhagen

You are invited to a spectacular festival from the 13th to the 16th of May 2019


13.05.2019 kl. 13.00 - 16.05.2019 kl. 20.00


The festival will take place at Aalborg University Copenhagen in Sydhavnen. The theme of the festival will be Queens, the focus will be on art, science, technology and digital creativity and it will all be carried out through workshops, art installations, concerts and theatrical performances – free of charge.

The Multisensory Experience lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen will run the Queens festival, supported by the European Network in Art, Science technology and creativity.

The program includes: 

Designing Programming Languages for Creativity: A talk held by Yann Orlarey about the use of programming when seeking creative solutions.

Liminoid: An virtual experience which plays with the transition between virtual and augmented realities.

Black Queen Concert: The Black Queen is a theatrical experience that employs the tools of technology, classical music, folk melodies, contemporary poetry and historical exploration in order to tell the story of Barbora of Celje, Queen of the Holy Roman Empire in the early 1400’s.

Game Elements and their Artistic Potential for Audiovisual Works: A talk held by Marko Ciciliani about utilizing elements from games in the context of performance based audiovisual works.

Sound Computing & Sensor Technology: Students from Media Technology will exhibit problem solving solutions through sensors and sound – come and see what problems they solve and try their prototypes. 

Theremin Workshop & Panel: At this workshop, Dorit Chrysler will teach a group of attendees how to play the theremin. Following the workshop, Dorit Chrysler will answer questions and head a panel discussion on the past, present and future of the theremin.

Theremin Concert: This year we celebrate the 100 years of the theremin. Dorit Chrysler will give a concert in Frihavnskirken. The Theremin is the only instrument you can play without touching it. Its characteristic sound is known from horror movies.

Some of the events will take place over several days; see the full program for times and locations in this link: https://eastndk.github.io/#programme

The Queens Festival is supported by EASTN-DC (European Art Science Technology Network for Digital Creativity and through the Europa Commission culture program.


Stefania Serafin, Professor AAU, sts@create.aau.dk
Sarah Guldhammer, pressekontakt AAU, tlf. 99 40 91 26, sgul@create.aau.dk