MIX International online seminar series - Paradigm shift: paradoxes of temporariness, return and protection

MIX International online seminar series - Paradigm shift: paradoxes of temporariness, return and protection

Danish immigration and asylum policies have undergone numerous changes and restrictions in the last ten years. In 2019, a 'paradigm shift' turned integration politics into repatriation efforts.


16.11.2022 kl. 12.00 - 13.30


In this seminar, Michala Clante Bendixen will explain the content of the 'paradigm shift' and how it affects integration efforts and the lives of refugees in Denmark in paradoxical ways as seen from refugees, employers, Municipalities, and from an international humanitarian perspective.

After Michala Bendixen’s presentation, Karen Nielsen Breidahl, will as an opponent open the discussion.

About Michala Clante Bendixen

Originally a graphic designer, Michala started working with refugees on a voluntary basis in 2007. Over the years, she created the humanitarian organisation Refugees Welcome, Denmark, which became her full-time occupation.

The organisation provides free legal advice for refugees and asylum seekers, and advocates to improve refugee rights and a general understanding of the issue. Michala received the Human Rights Award 2014 from the Danish Council of Human Rights.

She is widely acknowledged for her personal engagement, and her great knowledge of the subject and is a frequent guest in the media. She has published four reports on different aspects of refugees in Denmark, all translated into English. 

Besides her work for Refugees Welcome, Michala is the country coordinator for Denmark on the European Commission's website for integration, EWSI.

About Karen Nielsen Breidahl

Karen Nielsen Breidahl is an associate professor at the Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University and is specialized in the interplay between migration studies, comparative welfare state research and public administration research on citizens’ encounters with frontline organizations.  Currently, she leads a comparative research project on street-level responses and coping strategies in the asylum system in Denmark and Sweden. 

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