Invitation to Research Seminar on Migrant Labour / Contingent Labour

Invitation to Research Seminar on Migrant Labour / Contingent Labour

This research seminar draws attention to the relationship between transnational labour migration, mobility, and contractual agreements.


10.11.2022 kl. 10.00 - 12.30


Through both historical and present empirical examples, the seminar explores how similar and different logics and dynamics of labour migration are reproduced across work in agriculture and the gig economy. What has historically characterized contracting of migrant labour? Which actors condition migrant labour today? How are such logics reproduced? What role does technology play for the contingency and mobility of migrant labour? These as well as a long list of other questions will be explored through examples in Sweden, USA, and Denmark.


10:00-10:10 Welcome
10:10-10:35 Don Mitchell
Machine Learning, 1960s-Style: Mechanization, Migrant Workers, and Labor Contracting after the Bracero Program in the California Agribusiness

Marlene Spanger
Labour migration - temporary workers and brokers within the agricultural industry



11:25-11:50 Kristina Zampoukos
Who’s got time for social reproduction? On migrant gig workers and the algorythmic city

Magnus Andersen
Neglected Migrants: Danish labour market research, the ‘platform economy’, and migration

12:15-12:30 Q&A


Please sign up for the seminar no later than 7 November, 2022.

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Photo by Magnus Andersen


Magnus Andersen, Department of Culture and Learning and Marlene Spanger, Department of Politics & Society


A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Room ACM15 2.1.009