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Competence Clarification workshop at AAU CPH

Competence Clarification workshop at AAU CPH

For international students at AAU in Copenhagen


20.03.2018 kl. 12.30 - 15.00



It is not always easy to put into words what you can do, but this workshop will help you clarify both your academic competences, and your work and personal competences.

What you will learn

Especially in Denmark, employers do not always understand a CV which focusses on titles, certificates, educations – instead they want a description of what you did, what you learned, why you chose this education/focus.

Even if you are not looking for a job in Denmark this seminar will still be relevant for you as every employer needs to know what you can do for them.

You perform much better in interviews and on written applications when you are aware of your competences.


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Registration Deadline

20.03.2018 kl. 12.00