Action research at AAU

Action research at AAU

The first of two action research seminars.


25.04.2019 kl. 14.30 - 17.00


What is Action Research?

Learn how to perform action research by participating in a change situation by cooperating with an existing organization, whilst simultaneously conducting research.

Get an overview of student projects on action research. Students present key perspectives and experiences regarding key issue in action research theory, methodology and how the interplay between students and action groups progressed.

The action research seminar will consist of two annual seminars – The 1st one aims to present students’ action research projects (THIS SEMINAR) and a 2nd one will be inviting NGO’s to present their interests in initiating joint Action Research projects with students at AAU.

Who can participate?

Students and professors at AAU with a stake in action research and action groups (NGO’s) interested in cooperation with students/scientists will be joining this seminar.

Come join in if you are interested in learning more about action research and best practices!


2:30 pm: Welcome and introduction – Tom Børsen

2:45 pm: Short presentation of projects

  • Small Scale Goldmining, survival of local communities with environmentally friendly technologies - Jorge Contreras (TAN9)
  • Student influence om housing in Albertslund. - Nicolai Bohl Clausen (TAN9)
  • Trade union departments for employment. - (Faglige A-kasser), Line Stenhold
  • The role of green areas for improving urban liveability - Naia Duus (TAN9)
  • Health among Brazilian ’trash collectors’ - Aalborg students – Gustav, Kristian, Rasmus, Victor, Daniel  (TAN4)
  • Educating Brazilian ‘trash collectors’ -  Aalborg students - Peter Bach Lundgaard (TAN 8)
  • Food-Distribution System in digital platforms for donation of food to vulnerable groups - Emma, Jacob & Mette (TAN 6) 

4:30 pm: Discussion, summary, conclusions & options for more events - Nils Thorsen and Tom Børsen

5:00 pm: End of seminar & small talk

Sign up:

Sign up by sending an email to nilst@plan.aau.dk – or just by showing up on time.


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