Sport and wellness

Sport and wellness

Sport and wellness

AAU CPH fitness club

As a student you can become a member of AAU CPH Fitness Club on campus – easy to use before or after classes and group work. It is open 24 hours a day and has new bikes, as well as cardiovascular and strength training equipment. You can also attend group fitness classes such as spinning, yoga and dancemix – everything included for only 83.25 DKK a month. 

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Yoga prevents and relieves many of the problems that arise in connection with sedentary work, such as backache and repetitive strain injuries. You can attend yoga classes with a certified yoga instructor once a week on campus. 

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If you need to loosen up tensions or just indulge yourself with a massage, you can book an appointment with Ziva Therapies on campus. Besides massage, they also have breathing workshops to calm the nerves before exams. 

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On campus there are saunas in the changing rooms for both men and women. Push the start botton, and 30 minutes later the sauna is heated. Perfect after training or on a cold day.

Contemplation room

If you need a moment for contemplation, meditation or reflection, there is a comtemplation room on campus.

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