Medialogy, Bachelor



THE BACHELOR'S PROGRAMME IS only offered in danish from 2019.

Currently enrolled students continue the programme as planned.

Medialogy is about human-computer interaction, interaction design, media technology, programming, sound, computer graphics and sensor technology. If you are interested in the science and technology behind interactive digital media and if you would like to learn how to utilise and develop such technologies, Medialogy may be the right choice for you.

Medialogy combines technology and scientific experiments with focus on both hardware and software in designing new products and tools for use within media technology. The purpose of the programme is to educate students in technology and software development in the modern media and experience industry.

In creating and designing interactive systems for specific users, the connection between the various academic fields is one of the biggest challenges. Medialogy’s interdisciplinary structure demands a solid technical basis in both theory and practice, and as a student, you must be able to master and combine many different academic fields such as programming, interaction design, electronics, mathematics, human perception, design and analysis of scientific experiments, statistics and cinematography.

Medialogy is the science and technology behind interactive digital media, and you must have an interest in developing product ideas as well as programming and testing prototypes. Programming and testing is a large part of the Medialogy programme, so it is important that you are interested in and have a flair for mathematics. See also entry requirements.


  • are interested in the design and technologies behind groundbreaking interactive digital media
  • want to learn how to develop interactive media products, e.g. computer games
  • want to work within e.g. the it- or entertainment industry
  • would like to create technological solutions that help people, e.g. the blind, dyslexics, etc.
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  • English


  • Copenhagen


  • Not open for enrollment in 2019

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