Techno-Anthropological Laboratory (TANTLab)

We develop new digital methods for research in the social sciences and humanities. This typically involves large volumes of unstructured data, often sourced from the web, that can be treated with various kinds of computationally intensive techniques. 

We do so to: 

1) equip ethnographically minded researchers with tools and methods that bridge the quali-quantitative divide 

2) critically investigate the relationship between new media and democracy

3) build critical, data-driven metrics in organisations

4) develop a participatory design approach to data-work

We frequently collaborate with external partners and involve students through our data sprints. We are based at the Department of Culture and Learning and hosted by the Techno-Anthropology Research Group.

Equipment and facilities

The physical lab space is equipped to support groups of researchers and their partners doing digital method projects together. It has an 84” touch screen that can be flipped horizontally as a table for data exploration; it has a number of high powered workstations (PC and Mac); it has a sophisticated VR system that enables 3D data immersion. The lab also hosts a series of software tools for data harvest, analysis and visualisation.

The Techno-Anthropology Lab (TANTLab) is a partner and founding member of the Public Data Lab.


A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, Building A, room 2.3.002a


Anders Kristian Munk:, tel. 2674 2979


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