Center robotics, vision and machine intelligence lab (rvmi)

The lab is funded through a number of EU projects, and all equipment is presently in use most of the time by researchers involved in the EU projects. However, the lab is also used by master students for 9th or 10th semester project work. Our robotics lab is a pure research lab and does not comply with the ISO safety regulations. Students are allowed in there only after a thorough introduction from the senior researchers. The robotics lab contains the hardware listed below, except for the Baxter Robot. The Baxter Robot is placed outside the lab in the group room of the GSD master students. The Baxter robot is easy to use and available to students from the MOE bachelor education and the GSD master students. We have ongoing collaborations with companies such as PSA Peugoet-Citroen, Scape Technologies, Blue-Ocean Robotics, BA-Systems, Universal Robots, Grundfos, KUKA  and others through the MADE initiative. Companies are very welcome to contact us.


  • KUKA lightweight robot arm
  • Universal Robotics UR10
  • MP-700 von Neobotix
  • Schunk WSG50 Gripper
  • 3-finger gripper from Robotiq
  • Universal Robot UR10
  • Universal Robot UR5
  • Baxter

As sensory devices we use:

  • Videre Stereo Camera
  • Point Grey Bumblebee 2 
  • Various Kinect cameras
  • Various S-300 SICK scanner

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