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V-Lab is AAU CPH's combined student- and prototyping-workshop. Here you can get help to design and build physical models (scale models and fullscale models) for student projects. You can work with wood, cardboard, metal, plastic, foam and similar materials.

To get access to the workshop, you need to first participate in Barbara Samuelsen’s mandatory safety lecture (3 hours), which is given at the beginning of each semester.

You also need to participate in a Hands-On-instruction held by the workshop-staff (Tim Elkær) or by the workshop assistants Jeppe and Peter.

All materials must be paid using MobilePay: 76128 - This include "scrap-materials" and "reclaimed" materials. Alternatively: Bring your own.

Equipment and facilities

  • Model workshop with different handtools
  • Paintbooth (temporary closed) 
  • Wood workshop
  • Metal workshop
  • 3D printers, lasercutter, cutter-plotter etc.


Frederikskaj 12, Building B, room 0.59

(On the ground floor there is an entrance to the left of the blue fountain at Vandtorvet).


Shared email: V-lab@plan.aau.dk

Tim Elkær: tne@plan.aau.dk, tel.: +45 93 56 22 00 


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