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collaborating WITH AAU CPH

AAU CPH provides private, public or voluntary organisations with a wide range of opportunities for collaborating with both experts within research and talented students. AAU CPH values and gives high priority to collaboration with its constituency and strives to create a stimulating dynamic environment linking theory and practice, the university and the outside world.

AAU Match

AAU Match

AAU Match handles everything in relation to AAU's collaboration with its constituency. If you need advice, guidance, need to establish contacts or simply have new ideas for increasing collaboration with the university’s constituency, you are welcome to contact AAU Match.

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AAU CPH has a wide variety of laboratories and equipment which companies at campus may utilise. Below you will find an overview of the laboratories located at AAU CPH including contact information.

overview of labs on campus

Businesses on campus

Companies located at AAU CPH form close collaborations with researchers, students and other co-located organisations. This creates a unique synergy and promotes knowledge and growth for all parties involved in this collaboration.

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AAU Career

At AAU Career students are keeping themselves updated on the business world and future job opportunities. It is an obvious platform for your company to be represented and to be a known name among the students and future job seekers from AAU.

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The AAU project, internship and job database

The AAU project, internship and job database

The AAU project, internship and job database (AAU Jobbank) is the official link between the business community and students at AAU in relation to postings on available student projects, internships and jobs.

aau jobbank

Technology Transfer Office

AAU’s Technology Transfer Office is a service which is responsible for commercialising new inventions by researchers at AAU. This enables companies and investors to gain easy access to the latest technologies.

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