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Requirements for co-location


In terms of co-location, both companies wishing to be located at AAU CPH and Aalborg University must meet the following requirements:

  • The focus of the company must match Aalborg University in the sense that the company must focus on research and development within at least one of the disciplines of Aalborg University.
  • Much like the University’s research environments, the company must actively support the ambitious and formalised cooperation between all parties.
  • To the extent possible, the company must also be supportive of the idea of creating a dynamic campus and contribute to this with openness, activities, seminars, opportunities for cooperation, etc. offered to those affiliated with the campus, such as students, researchers, other companies located on campus and other relevant partners.

Through co-location, AAU CPH aims to create a unique framework in which knowledge is shared, relationships are built and new ideas are given ideal opportunities for development and growth; this calls for the commitment of all involved and a desire to make a difference for the individual company, the University and the world.


A prerequisite for being able to locate your business at AAU CPH is the opportunities for establishing significant collaboration between your company and the University. This collaboration may take various forms.

The pedagogical model used at Aalborg University is Problem-based Learning. This means that, in collaborating with our constituency, we seek to increase the relevance and authenticity in our degree programmes and research. For students, this translates into action through project work, internships (project-oriented courses), student assistant jobs, etc., and for research environments, it translates into action through close dialogues with companies and society at large and through joint (research) projects.

Companies who wish to be co-located with AAU CPH will only be considered on the basis of a recommendation from one of the University’s academic environments. For companies who already cooperate with or have established a connection with Aalborg University, this will be a mere formality. When companies look to identify their opportunities for establishing cooperation with Aalborg University, they may be looking into various disciplines; AAU Innovation can help establish the right connections between companies and academic environments and identify the opportunities for co-location.

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Aalborg University Copenhagen
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Email: virksomheder@cph.aau.dk

Our research areas

Our research areas

Accessing new markets

Accessing new markets

"Co-location supports growth, and the University has years of experience with companies located on campus, especially with start-up companies with high growth ambitions.

Co-location increases the potential for cooperation, and it is found to be highly beneficial in boosting the competence development of both the University and companies. Moreover, the networks of our researchers may help open doors to new markets for companies in growth."

Knud Erik Skouby, professor, Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies, AAU

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Our degree programmes