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Co-location - costs

Aalborg University sublets offices in accordance with the Danish act on commercial leases (Erhvervslejeloven) ensuring that both parties are protected in accordance with the legal aspects that apply to subleases. Aalborg University derives no financial gain from subletting offices.

Price examples (excluding VAT):

10 square metres 1-2  DKK 2,634
15 square metres  2-4  DKK 3,951
25 square metres  3-6  DKK 6,585
50 square metres  8-10 DKK 13,170

The costs include rent, operating expenses, utilities (electricity, water, heating), access to meeting facilities, etc. This means that AAU provides cleaning services and is responsible for covering operating costs, service charges and other services offered to subtenants. Subtenants at AAU may contact Campus Services CPH if they require assistance on practical matters, such as replacing light bulbs, etc.

Expenses not included are meals from the canteen (companies located on campus may make separate agreements with the canteen) and parking spaces. Parking spaces may be provided at an annual cost of DKK 3,000 per parking space.

Address and contact

Aalborg University Copenhagen
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV

Email: virksomheder@cph.aau.dk