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Behind co-location

The fact that companies are located on campus and thus live next door to researchers, students and other companies adds an extra dimension to the University’s focus on collaborating with its constituency in terms of both research and education.

The specific aim of collaborating with the business community through businesses located on campus is:

  • to promote, enhance and utilise binding collaboration between the University and the business community
  • to enable the University’s knowledge to become influential in the outside world
  • to ensure practical and theoretical contributions from collaborative companies
  • to support business development by promoting its initiatives in establishing start-ups and promoting business incubation

Volvo Cars reside on campus

Volvo Cars reside on campus

"Aalborg University teaches and conducts research within many fields which touch upon our main functions; and initially, Volvo chose to set up our User Experience Competence Center on campus because of the potential for cooperating with the University.

With just a little time invested by us, we find that students and researchers contribute greatly to our work on developing new technology, producing and testing prototypes, increasing user involvement and just on providing general inspiration to our work.

Working in the same building makes it far easier for us to talk and network. The flexibility that we encounter seems to reduce the time between having a great idea and putting in into action and this facilitates quick results."

Nikolaj Nøhr-Rasmussen, Site Manager, Volvo Cars

Our collaboration with Volvo is fantastic

"Our collaboration with Volvo is fantastic, because it allows us to get access to items and knowledge that is otherwise difficult to access.

In our case, Volvo gives us access to prototype cars as well as the necessary inside knowledge about the car such as its structure and its detailed electronics. In addition to this, the competitive company mind-set is a great asset for our competitive research group.

In return, Volvo is able to test leading-edge technology developed in various EU-projects without major costs."

Volker Krüger, Professor MSO, Department of Materials and Production, AAU

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