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Access to knowledge and facilities

Companies residing on campus will gain access to knowledge, cooperation and facilities, including:

  • Joint projects with researchers
  • Access to laboratories, workshops and high-tech equipment
  • Student projects and student internships
  • Improved opportunities for headhunting the right candidates among students or graduates
  • Research, industry and innovation networks
  • Other companies focused on innovation and development
  • International contacts
  • Start-ups and incubator environments
  • Expertise within commercialisation and fundraising
  • Open Innovation Licensing
  • Presentable meeting rooms
  • Conference facilities
  • Canteen and fitness facilities

Address and contact

Aalborg University Copenhagen
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV

Email: virksomheder@cph.aau.dk

Collaboration sparks entrepreneurship

Collaboration sparks entrepreneurship

"As a practical, culinary breeding ground which enables food entrepreneurs to kick-start their businesses, we find our location at AAU CPH very unique. We have access to laboratories and kitchen facilities which are used by Copenhagen’s upcoming food businesses on a daily basis.

Businesses interact with researchers and students on a daily basis, and both businesses and students benefit from our collaboration with the degree programme Integrated Food Studies; the students assist the upcoming food businesses and the entrepreneurs inspire students to become entrepreneurs themselves."

Mia Maja Hansson, CEO, Kitchen Collective