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Locating your business at AAU CPH

A number of companies are located on campus which provides unique opportunities for establishing close collaboration across research fields, degree programmes and businesses, through project cooperation, research collaboration, joint events, etc. The motto is ‘Co-location for Co-creation’, and we believe that collaboration creates a unique synergy on campus.

Knowledge intensive businesses in particular may benefit greatly from being located in a knowledge intensive environment which may be conducive to the further development of the business. The day-to-day interaction between the expertise of businesses and the University’s researchers, students and academic environments may significantly boost their power of competition and innovation.

In addition, companies will gain access to knowledge and facilities, such as:

  • Joint projects with researchers
  • Student projects and student internships
  • Access to laboratories, workshops and high-tech equipment
  • Other companies focused on innovation and development
  • Research, industry and innovation networks
  • Start-ups and incubator environments
  • Conference facilities
  • Canteen and fitness facilities

Find a list of companies on campus here

Requirements for co-location

Requirements for co-location

Accessing new markets

Accessing new markets

"Co-location supports growth, and the University has years of experience with companies located on campus, especially with start-up companies with high growth ambitions"

Knud Erik Skouby, professor, Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies, AAU

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