Do you want to be a tutor in 2022?


Now, you have the opportunity to become a tutor in 2022.

Do you feel like helping new students by giving them a good and safe beginning? Do you want to expand your network and make new friendships across study programmes? Does teamwork, having a good time and being part of a community attract you?

Become a tutor at AAU CPH!

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The tutor life:

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    What is the purpose of the tutor team?

    New bachelor and master students should have the best and most smooth transition to university life at AAU CPH which the tutor team participates in providing. Each study programme offers several tutors to guide new students and answer all questions they might have.

    When being a student, a strong sense of community is very important. Therefore the tutors also participate in all of the social events which mainly take place during the first period of the first semester.

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    What does being a tutor mean?

    Being a tutor means guiding and supporting new students during the first period of the new semester. You will help them settle into student life and make sure that they get the best start at AAU CPH.

    The most intense part of the tutor life is of course the first month around study start. It is expected that you as a tutor participates in the organisation of the various social events that are held for the new students in the beginning.

    There will be a couple of mandatory events you will participate in as a tutor where you will get proper instructions and help to be the best tutor for the new students:

    21 April 16.30-18.00: PLAN AND CREATE
    19 August 09.00-16.30: TUTORUDDANNELSE

    Furthermore, it is required, that you are present at the study start day 1 September to give the new students a great welcome to AAU CPH.

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    What will you gain from becoming a tutor?

    There are a lot of great things about being a tutor. The list is long and we have tried to shorten it a bit.

    As a tutor you will among other things:

    • Make new friends and get the opportunity to expand your network across study programmes and nationalities.
    • Get experience in organising and participating in large events.
    • Get a certificate which you may include in your CV.
    • Get the opportunity to participate in a party for all student volunteers at AAU CPH, including free food and drinks.
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    What can you as a new student expect of your tutor?

    When you as a new student take your first step into AAU CPH it can be very overwhelming. Therefore you may need a helping hand to make your transition to university life as smooth as possible. Your tutor will be ready with that helping hand.

    Your tutor will guide and help you to get the best start at AAU CPH. If you have any questions in relation to your study programme, to your new life as a student at AAU CPH or perhaps to your new life in Copenhagen, your tutor will be able to help you either by providing answers to your questions or by helping you find someone who can.

Important dates

17 MAY 14-16: Plan and create café

1 JUNE 14-16: Plan and create café

19 AUGUST 09-16: Tutor seminar

1 SEPTEMBER: Study start day

2 SEPTEMBER: Study start party

26 NOVEMBER: Tutor party

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