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    General information on the tutor team

    The tutor team aims to welcome new students to AAU CPH and provide new bachelor and master students with a smooth transition to university life. Each degree programme offers several tutors to guide new students, answer all the questions they might have and help them settle into student life at AAU CPH. The tutors also participate in all of the social events which mainly take place during the first period of the first semester and aim to promote a strong sense of community among the students.

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    What does being a tutor mean?

    Being a tutor means guiding and supporting new students during the first period of the new semester. As a tutor, you are expected to participate in social events as well as practical activities, such as the following mandatory meetings and events:

    • Kick-off event (introduction for new tutors)
    • Tutor seminar and workdays (fun days)
    • International Welcome Day
    • Study start up

    As a tutor, you are also expected to participate in the organisation of the various social events which take place in the first month of the first semester.

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    What will I gain from becoming a tutor?

    Apart from welcoming and providing support to new students, becoming a tutor is a great opportunity for gaining valuable experience during your studies, such as:

    • Making new friends and getting the opportunity to expand your network across degree programmes and nationalities
    • Experience in organising and participating in large events
    • A certificate which you may include in your CV
    • The opportunity to participate in a party for all student volunteers at AAU CPH, including free food and drinks
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    What can new students expect of their tutor?

    Your tutor is ready to guide you and assist you in your transition to university life. If you have any questions relating to your degree programme, to your new life as a student at AAU CPH or perhaps to your new life in Copenhagen, your tutor will be able to help you either by providing answers to your questions or by helping you find someone who can.

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