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Slusen is AAU CPH's Friday bar where students go to play games and enjoy a beer or soda. The bar is student driven and welcomes tenders from any study or semester. Slusen hosts theme bars, tournaments, special tender events and much more. Slusen is where the students come together across campus and join in on an outgoing community. So do you have a good idea for an event, a special drink or got mad DJ skills? Then join the bar and become a tender in Slusen. 

If you would like to hear more, please contact Slusen on Facebook or come by the bar later.


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Slusen is open every Friday in the small canteen.

THE COFFEE SPOT (Kaffepletten)

The Coffee Spot is a café where students at AAU CPH get together for a chat or to play board games over a cup of coffee.

Every Wednesday between 14:00 and 17:00, the Coffee Spot serves freshly brewed coffee and homemade cake and cookies in the Student Lounge in building B (Frederikskaj 12). The Coffee Spot can always use a helping hand with baking cookies or serving coffee. Contact the Coffee Spot for more information. 

Chairperson: Lasse Embøl

Contact the Coffee Spot on Facebook.

Student Political Organisation – SPO

SPO is the student political organisation on campus. The purpose of this organisation is to plan meetings and serve the student political council that consists of student representatives from all study programmes at campus. The council will be able to take decisions on behalf of all students and therefore act as one collective voice for all students at AAU CPH. SPO can also help students with economical aid if someone e.g. want to create an event for their fellow students or start a new student organisation.

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AMPED is a student club at AAU CPH that amps up the social life on campus! We strive to host exciting social and educational events and establish new engaging student clubs.

Contact through AMPED’s Facebook group:


Navigator is AAU CPH’s student magazine, written by and for students. The magazine is published a few times each semester. If you are a budding journalist or graphic designer, you are welcome to join the team and improve your skills. Contact the editors on Facebook.

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BRIDGE Consultancy

Bridge Consultancy is a non-profit consultancy organisation by the students, for the students. They consult NGO’s and non-profit organisations on managerial and technical issues.

Their main drivers lie in contributing to social goals, supporting developing organisations, gaining professional experience, as well as expanding their network.

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Sustainabeans is a committee for sustainable development on campus in Copenhagen. The committee consists of students who engage themselves in sustainable projects and initiatives on campus. In addition, they believe that it is essential that all staff and students have the opportunity to easily make sustainable choices when being on campus.

Chairman and contact person: Molly Bay Christensen


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Social Life AAU CPH is a Facebook group that aims to keep you updated on upcoming events and social activities on campus.

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Gala planning commitee

The gala planning commitee is a group of volunteer students, who plan the yearly gala, the greatest party on campus. If you are a budding party planner, you are welcome to join the group by writing the study life coordinator, Emilie Friis Gall, at:

Study Environment Committee

The local Committee's task is to develop and improve the physical study environment at AAU CPH on the basis of specific data and input from the students.

If you have any suggestions and/or input for the Study Environment Committee, please contact the chairman of the committee, Lene Tølbøll,, or the secretary, Simon Holmen Reventlow Clemmensen,

Terms of reference for the Study Environment Committee

List of members



Minutes 06.05.2019

Minutes 25.02.2019

Minutes 24.10.2018 (in Danish)

Minutes 19.02.2018

Minutes 31.10.2017

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Minutes 05.04.2017 

Minutes 18.01.2017

Minutes 13.12.2016 (in Danish)

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