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aau FITNESS club

NB: Please read the guidelines from Health Group regarding the reopening of fitness

As an employee and student, you can become a member of AAU CPH's fitness center. Here you can cycle, strength and exercise training. 

PrIce and registration

It costs DKK 83.25 per month to be a member - as well as a registration fee of 166.50, and for that you get unlimited access to the gym. The center is open 24 hours a day.

You register here: (use the code 1234)

Once your payment is registered, you can use your AAUcard to come in. It can take up to 24 hours for your card to be activated. Questions regarding access to fitness should be directed to the building officers at:

Remember that the membership only applies to you personally - you must not admit others who are not members of the gym. Violation of this will result in cancellation of your membership.

You can learn more about the training equipment and track your training with the MyWellness app - can be downloaded from the fra App Store eller Google Play

All fitness training is carried out at your own risk, and it is the responsibility of users of the fitness room to clean up after themselves. Since there is no supervisor at the training room, we strongly advise that you always exercise with a trusted acquaintance.

The fitness club is run on campus by the company Health Group. You can find the fitness center on the ground floor of building A, room 0.067.

Questions regarding the fitness club? Send an email to

Changing room

There are changing facilities on the ground floor. 

Termination of membership

If you wish to terminate your membership, you must log in to your account here:

Remember that your membership is NOT automatically terminated when you are no longer a student at AAU. You must make sure to terminate it yourself. There is a three-month notice period.



The bike room is equipped with Tomahawk bikes with some of the latest technology, which makes it possible to ride according to ICG's Coach By Color® training system. It provides color-coded biofeedback to the user in real time. Coach By Color® has five colored training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. These zones may be associated with WattRate® (Power) and FTP (Functional Threshold Power) or Heart Rate and Percentage of HRM (Heart Rate Max).


With MyRide you can train when it suits you. Experience being guided virtually through terrain recordings from around the world paired with music, fun and hard training.

aau Kayak club

AAU Kayak is a club for all students and employees at AAU CPH. In order to sail in AAU kayak, it is required that all rowers have an IPP2 certificate and that they always follow the club’s safety rules. To join the club, the certificate must be shown before you can borrow the kayaks.

Write to the Kajak club to become a member: - the price is 200 DKK per year. When you are a member, you can borrow the kayaks free of charge.

Read more about AAU Kayak at Facebook.

weekly YOGa classes on campus

It is not possible to attend yoga classes on campus at the moment.

Yoga prevents and relieves many of the problems that arise in connection with sedentary work, such as backache and repetitive strain injuries. Yoga also prevents stress and provides specific tools for tackling work life challenges and regaining balance.

The classes are organised in such a way that it is possible to either registrate for 60 or 90 minutes. The first 60 minutes will primarily consist of exercises which strengten the muscles in the back, neck, and shoulder, while the last 30 minutes will focus on both body and mind.

PRIce FOR the entire period

DKK 1.080 for 60 minutes
DKK 1.350 for 90 minutes


Register for yoga classes with yoga instructor Maria Gøtze:

Massage and acupuncture 

AAU CPH has a massage arrangement with Ziva Therapies, which makes it possible for both staff and students to have a massage on campus.

Maria Gøtze from Ziva Therapies is RAB (registered alternative therapist) approved by the Danish Patient Safety Authority in both massage and acupuncture. This means that it is possible to get a grant from health insurance, e.g. if you are a member of Sygeforsikringen "danmark" (the Health Insurance "denmark").

Ziva Therapies offers treatment of injuries (headache, a crick in the neck, muscular injury, fiber damage, frozen shoulder, heel spinal cord, shinbone inflammation, bursitis, carpal tunnel, squamous nerves, mouse arm, tennis / golf elbow, esophagus inflammation, breastfeeding arms, muscle pain in pregnancy etc.), disorders such as whipping, concussion, Scheuermann or scoliosis, soreness after exertion, swelling after injury and other problems. Including trigger point acupuncture, depth massage, physiotherapeutic massage, cupping or other techniques agreed upon in-depth review of your needs.

In addition, it is possible to get acupuncture to treat e.g. exam anxiety, problems with fertility, eczema, allergy, hormone system and to help smoking cessation. It is possible to get treated with light therapy (chromotherapy) instead of treatment with needles.

Besides massage and acupuncture, Ziva Therapies also offers workshops with breathing exercises to help calm you down before and after an exam or other similar situations, as well as the exercises can help increase your level of energy prior to an exam or important meeting. The workshop is a weekly event and costs 25 DKK per person (a minimum of 10 participants is necessary). If you want to know more about the workshops with breathing exercises, send an email to


See a list of the different treatments here.

Prices for treatments on campus

  • 30 minutes: 250 DKK (one focus area, e.g. neck, shoulder, smoking cessation or exam anxiety)
  • 60 minutes: 450 DKK (two focus areas, e.g. neck, shoulder, lower back, hormone system, digestion or allergy)
  • 90 minutes: 600 DKK (whole body or addiction treatment)

Time and place

On campus: Every Wednesday from 8.00 to 12.00
The massage takes place in building C in room 0.19A (ground floor).

It is also possible to get treatments in the clinic in Frederiksberg. Read more about the prices and opening hours of the clinic in Frederiksberg at Ziva Therapies' Facebook page.


If you want to book an appointment, send a text message to +45 5360 0560 or an email to If you need to cancel your appointment, this should be done no later than 16.00 on the day before the appointment by texting +45 5360 0560. However, it is much preferred if the cancellation takes places 24 hours prior to the appointment.


The contemplation room is for all students and staff in need of a tranquil space for contemplation, meditation and reflection.

Please note that the contemplation room is not intended for group work.

If the red light above the door is on, the contemplation room is occupied. The red light switches on and off automatically.


The contemplation room is located in Building A (ACM 15) on the 3rd floor in room 3.058.

Study environment