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As a student or employee at AAU CPH, you can become a member of the AAU CPH Fitness Club. Here, you have access to bikes, cardiovascular and strength training equipment, and you can attend group fitness classes. The studio has been completely refurbished with new equipment in 2018.

Price and membership

The membership costs 83.25 DKK a month plus a 166.50 DKK sign-up fee and gives you unlimited access to everything, including group fitness classes. The fitness studio is open 24 hours a day, but is unmanned outside of the group classes.

Become a member here: https://healthgroup.dk/shop/membership-fitness/membership-aau-fitness/.

When your payment is registered, you can use you AAUcard to access the studio. It can take up to 24 hours before your card is activated. If you have questions regarding access to fitness, please contact the building officers at: campusserviceCPH@cph.aau.dk

Remember that your membership only applies to you personally, and it is not allowed to bring non-members to the fitness studio.

You can learn more about the training equipment and track your training with the MyWellness app - download from App Store or Google Play  

All fitness training is carried out at your own risk, and it is the responsibility of users of the fitness room to clean up after themselves. Since there is no supervisor at the training room, we strongly advise that you always exercise with a trusted acquaintance.

The fitness club is run in collaboration with the company Health Group. You can find the fitness studio on the ground floor of building A, room 0.067.

Questions regarding the fitness club? Send an email to info@healthgroup.dk.

Cancellation of membership

If you wish to terminate your membership, you need to login to your account here: https://healthgroup.dk/my-account/

Remember, when you finish your studies at AAU, your membership will NOT automatically stop. You have to terminate it yourself.

Training programme

A trainer can create an individual training programme for you for 175 DKK, payable by Mobilepay. Write to tina@taktisktraening.dk.

Group classes

You can book classes by signing up for the booking portal here: https://hg.wemove.dk

Click create profile and fill out the fields:

Username: your email
Password: you choose your own

Company username: aau
Company password: health

Join "group/department"
Book a class

See the schedule for the group classes here

Cardio & Strength

This class is aimed at increasing strength and endurance. You will be challenged on pulse, strength, balance, etc. The class uses body weight, kettlebells, weights, balls, etc. Only the imagination sets the limits.


Yoga is a unique form of exercise where breathing and movement are combined in a 'flow' of exercises that allow flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga creates inner peace and a higher energy level, while your body awareness and posture improve. Yoga is a great way to avoid muscle stiffness and soreness in the body. Yoga is designed to create balance in mind and body.


Dancemix is for those who love to move to lots of good music. It is not a must that you can dance as the class is for everyone. There will be steps and music inspired by jazz, musical, street dance, hip hop, disco and Latin. There will also be focus on coordination, balance and stability as well as a lot of smiling.


Bike, also known as Bodybiking, Spinning or Group Cycle is indoor cycling and one of the most effective and gentle ways to do cardio exercise. The Group Fitness Class is led by an instructor who will give guidelines for resistance, which you adjust yourself during the class and therefore allows everyone to participate.


ICG's Coach By Color® training system delivers color-coded biofeedback to the user in real time. Coach By Color® has five colored training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. These zones may be associated with WattRate® (Power) and FTP (Functional Threshold Power Functional Threshold) or Pulse and Percentage of HRM (Heart Rate Max). This is an integrated part of the Bike classes.


If you do not have time to join the Bike class, you can still get the same fun training and results.

Terrain-focused footage from all over the world paired with chart-quality music and world-class voice-over coaching delivers fun yet fierce workouts.

Enjoy the over 530+ unique locations from the iconic climbs in the Italian alps to the hot tar of California's long roads.


Changing rooms are located on the ground floor. The waiting list for lockers is closed at the moment. 


AAU Kayak is a club for all students and employees at AAU CPH. In order to sail in AAU kayak, it is required that all rowers have an IPP2 certificate and that they always follow the club’s safety rules. To join the club, the certificate must be shown before you can borrow the kayaks.

Write Andreas Vang Olsen at aolsen15@student.aau.dk to become a member - the price is 200 DKK per year. When you are a member, you can borrow the kayaks free of charge.

Read more about AAU Kayak at Facebook.


Staff and students can attend yoga classes on campus every Monday from 16:00 to 17:30.

Yoga prevents and relieves many of the problems that arise in connection with sedentary work, such as backache and repetitive strain injuries. Yoga also prevents stress and provides specific tools for tackling work life challenges and regaining balance.

The classes are organised in such a way that it is possible to either registrate for 60 or 90 minutes. The first 60 minutes will primarily consist of exercises which strengten the muscles in the back, neck, and shoulder, while the last 30 minutes will focus on both body and mind.

PRIce FOR the entire period

DKK 1.080 for 60 minutes
DKK 1.350 for 90 minutes


Register for yoga classes with yoga instructor Maria Gøtze: zivatherapies@gmail.com


AAU United

AAU United is AAU CPH’s football club for students and staff. Everyone is welcome to join the team and the trainings and matches are for free.

When and where

Training is once a week, usually on Sundays from 2 - 4 pm.

Additionally, there are other events like tournaments and friendly matches against other universities.

The training takes place on an artificial grass pitch near DR Byen on Amager. 

Participate and contact

If you are interested join the Facebook group AAU United: www.facebook.com/groups/784068918407606/

If you have any questions write in the Facebook group or contact Bogdan Craciun: ccraci18@student.aau.dk


Massage and breathing exercises 

AAU CPH has a massage arrangement with Ziva Therapies, which makes it possible for both staff and students to have a massage on campus.

Besides massage, Ziva Therapies also offer workshops with breathing exercises to help calm you down before and after an exam or other similar situations, as well as the exercises can help increase your level of energy prior to an exam or important meeting. The workshop is a weekly event and costs DKK 25.

Treatments and prices

See a list of the different treatments and prices here.

Time and place

The massage takes place in building C in room 0.19A (ground floor). It is possible to book an appointment primarily Monday and Thursday between 10 am and 3 pm.


If you want to book an appointment – massage or now more about the workshops with breathing exercises, send a text message to +45 5360 0560 or an email to zivatherapies@gmail.com. If you need to cancel your appointment, this should be done no later than at 8 am on the day of the appointment by calling +45 5360 0560. If the phone is not answered, you need to leave a message. However, it is much preferred, if the cancellation takes places 24 hours prior to the appointment.


The contemplation room is for all students and staff in need of a tranquil space for contemplation, meditation, reflection and prayer - regardless of religious affiliation.

The room can be booked in advance using the whiteboard on the wall beside the room.


The contemplation room is located in Building A (ACM 15) on the 3rd floor in room 3060.

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