Restrictions lifted

As of Tuesday, 1 February all coronavirus restrictions on campus will be lifted.

Last modified: 31.01.2022

The parties in Parliament have decided to lift all coronavirus restrictions as of Tuesday, 1 February. This means that as of that date all activities at Aalborg University may be resumed as before. All staff members may be present at the university, and there will no longer be a requirement to present corona passports or wear face masks in the university buildings.

Please note, however, that there may still be meetings, lectures, exams and other teaching-related activities that have been scheduled as online and will not necessarily be rescheduled to take place in person. Students are directly notified by their programme of any changes to their activities.

Everyone is encouraged to continue to follow the general advice of the health authorities on the prevention of infection.

Get more information and see more details in the FAQ on the AAU coronavirus website