Replacement of the outdoor bins at AAU CPH

Replacement of the outdoor bins at AAU CPH

Most outdoor bins at campus has been replaced with larger ones with room for even more waste.

Last modified: 14.03.2022

The sun is out which means that a lot of us enjoys being outside. When the weather is good it is nice to socialise with fellow students or colleagues outside by the quay and that often means food and drinks as well. Howewer, the food waste belongs in the bins and not on the ground or in the water.

To make more room for the waste, we have replaced most of the outdoor bins by building A and B.

The larger bins are made of steel and can contain 125 litre. On the top of the bins you will find ashtrays which are intented solely for stubbing out cigarettes. Please, throw your cigarette stub in the bins and remeber that you are only allowed to smoke in the smoking areas.

Let us help each other to keep the waste in the bins where it belongs.