Partial reopening - more access to campus

Partial reopening - more access to campus

On Friday 21 May half of the university’s students will gain access to campus for teaching activities, project work and master thesis writing including laboratory work. A further 10 percent will have access to study halls, group rooms and libraries. In this article you can read about the guidelines for the reopening – you can among other things read about the requirement for coronatest and test centre on campus.

Last modified: 12.05.2021

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Requirement for coronatest

Test centre on campus

Access to campus



Coronatest required

It is a requirement that all staff and students present indoors at the university can show a negative coronatest no more than 72 hours old from the time of testing.

The coronatest can be either a quicktest or a PCR-test taken at one of the public test centres. It is also possible – for students and staff only - to get a test in the newly established test centre on campus.

Documentation for negative coronatest

The documentation for a negative coronatest can be in paper or electronic form. It must contain the following information:

  • The name of the tested person identical to the name of the person in the brought study or staff card, passport, driver’s license, health card or other publicly issued identity card.
  • The time of the test.
  • The result of the test.

Consequenses of lack of negative coronatest

Staff or students who can not show a negative coronatest when asked, will be required to leave campus immediately. They may return when they have been tested and received a negative result.

Excemptions from the requirement for negative coronatest

Exempt from the requirement to show a negative coronatest are students and staff who are vaccinated and students and staff who have been infected with coronavirus within the last 12 weeks and who are no longer sick or have ended their quarantine. These persons must instead be able to show a positive test result at least 14 days old.

Staff and students who are exempt from coronatesting must likewise be able to show a medical certificate for this.

Sample controls on campus

The documentation for a negative coronatest must be shown when demanded. There will be regular sample controls on campus – primarily at the entrances to building A, B and C/D. Here you can be asked to show valid documentation for a negative coronatest. Employees in yellow waistcoat will be responsible for the controls. After closing hour on campus G4S will do the sample controls.

It is not a task for teachers to do the controls – but they are allowed to ask students for a negative test if they find it necessary or appropriate.


Test centre on campus

As a supplement to public test centres AAU CPH has established a quicktest centre in building D, Frederikskaj 10A, ground floor.

Falck will staff the test centre and they will help doing the test or help with self-testing. It is free to get a test.

It is only students, staff and others associated with AAU who are allowed permission to the test centre. Therefore, you will be asked to show valid AAUCARD and health insurance card at the registration.

Opening hours are: Every weekday from 7:30 to 13:00

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make an appointment in advance.

If a staff member or student is tested positive, the person is required to leave campus immediately.

See map for test centre location:


Access to campus

To ensure the best possible sample control, the majority of the external doors to the campus are closed. Access will be through one of three main entrances. The entrances are in buildings A, B and C/D.

See entrances here:   


The canteen in buildning A will reopen on 17 May. However, it will only have a reduced choice of food and limited opening hours. AAU has decided to economically support student-friendly prices on sandwiches, salads, coffee and tea for the remainder of the semester.