The Aalborg University Board is the highest authority of AAU, and the University’s Rector is responsible for the day-to-day management of AAU. 

Further information on AAU's organisational units and management.

Organisational structure of AAU CPH


The director of campus is responsible for the local management in terms of coordination and local initiatives as regards campus development and communication on matters relating to the general situation at AAU CPH. Moreover, the director of campus is in charge of the day-to-day management of all administrative units at the Copenhagen campus (with the exception of Aalborg University Library).


Director of campus Martin Vive Ivø
Phone: (+45) 9940 3777 


The campus council ensures that interdisciplinary collaborative projects are developed and enhance the academic and social environment at AAU CPH. The campus council advises the executive management and the director of campus and is responsible for coordinating our efforts to meet shared challenges. Moreover, the council serves as a forum for the development of ideas and cooperation.

The campus council consists of:

  • Chair: Thorkild Ærø, Pro-dean (ENG)
  • Deputy chair: Martin Vive Ivø, Director of Campus
  • Thomas Ploug, Institute Coordinator (HUM)
  • Søsser Brodersen, Head of Studies (TECH)
  • Dorte Caswell, Head of Section (SAMF)
  • Henrik Brohus, Director of Studies (TECH, ENG and SUND 1st year of study)
  • Lene Tølbøll, Vicehead of Department of Sociology and Social Work