Learning Danish

Learn Danish

All international students at AAU CPH are offered free basic Danish language courses under the Danish Language Programme. Following these courses will give you a grasp of the language as well as an understanding of the Danish society.

The Danish courses are usually taught at a local Danish language school (in Danish: "Sprogcenter") or online and can run for up to three years.

As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen offers excellent opportunities for education on a short, medium or long-term basis, and you can choose between a large variety of schools or language centres, it is your own choice.

Language providers at AAU CPH

The following language providers are offering Danish courses at AAU CPH campus:

Københavns Sprogcenter (Copenhagen Language Center)

Folder and application form regarding Copenhagen Language Center's courses at AAU CPH (Fall 2017)

Read about Copenhagen Language Center here 

IA Sprog (IA Language) 

Folder regarding IA Sprog's courses at AAU CPH (Fall 2017)

Read about IA Sprog here