Learning Danish

Learn Danish

All international students at AAU CPH are offered free basic Danish language courses under the Danish Language Programme. Following these courses will give you a grasp of the language as well as an understanding of the Danish society. It will also improve your chances of getting a job in Denmark. 


Language providers at AAU CPH

At AAU CPH both students and employees can take free Danish courses on campus. You have the possibility to chose between different levels of Danish, and between these two language providers:


New classes start up February 21, 2018. Register before February 12.

If there are too few AAU CPH students for a whole class, the courses will take place at Københavns Sprogcenter in Vesterbro.

More info about Copenhagen Language Center's courses at AAU CPH and how to apply (Winter/spring 2018) - pdf. 

Read about Copenhagen Language Center here 


New classes start up February 20, 2018. Beginners should register before February 9. 

More info about IA Sprog's courses at AAU CPH and how to apply (Winter/spring 2018) - pdf.

Read about IA Sprog here 


OPEN study cafe

Every Wednesday in the Rotunda at A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, from 14:00-17:00 a Danish language teacher will be present to assist you in your Danish studies, free of charge.