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In 2017 the Buddy Network has joined together with the Tutor Team at AAU CPH to make the best possible start for all the new students at AAU CPH. A Tutor/Buddy is a current student at AAU CPH, who supports new students, both Danish and International students, in the beginning of their studies. Being a Tutor/Buddy is on a voluntary basis.

Your Tutor/Buddy will be visible at the study start and will be able to answer questions or tell you where you can find answers to your questions, such as how it is to be a student at AAU CPH, where to find IT Support, and where to get your student card activated etc. They will also take part in social events mainly in the beginning of the semester. Furthermore, if you need suggestions on what to do in Copenhagen, they can help you with this as well.

A Tutor/Buddy is assigned automatically to each new student, so you do not have to apply to get a Tutor/Buddy.

If you have any questions, also regarding practical matters before arriving at AAU CPH, please send an email to international@cph.aau.dk.


Be a tutor/buddy

By being a Tutor/Buddy, you can make new friendships, expand your network and develop your skills. Read more below to gain new knowledge on how being a Tutor/Buddy can evolve into being engaged in social activities and having a sofa available around the world.

Read more about a former Buddy’s experience here:



Become a Buddy, if you want to get new friends from all over the world, expand your network and put your English skills to the test. That is the advice from Charlotte Skjoldager, who has been a buddy for a group of new international students.

- I wanted to engage myself in to social life at AAU CPH and meet new people. And then I wanted to train my English, before I went abroad myself for a semester. It was a very good decision, Charlotte says.

- We played board games, went to cafees and museums, we ate smørrebrød together and made the Danish national dish together. I also helped out by translating inquiry forms into Danish and explained how to buy a secondhand bike. I drank beer with them at the Friday bar and ate cookies with them at the Coffeespot. To be a Buddy is not a job, it is to create a network of kind and engaged fellow students, who in return will invite you to “Korean”-evening and who always want to do something during the week.

Friends for life

Overall it has been a positive experience for Charlotte to be a Buddy.

- I have made friends for life. To be Buddy is not a voluntary “job”. It is a possibility to meet new friends, who are also very open towards getting new friends. The international students at Aalborg University, who I have met through the Buddy Network, have expanded my cultural horizon. I can only recommend to step outside your normal social routines and help others to have a nice time at AAU CPH and in Denmark. Charlotte adds that as an extra bonus she now has a couch to crash on in South Korea, Germany, Czezh Republic and Washington.

Become a Buddy

Do you want to become a Buddy? Read more and register for the Buddy Network here.

If you would like to be a tutor/buddy

If you would like to be a Tutor/Buddy for new students at AAU CPH, please join the Tutor/Buddy Team.

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