Financial support

SU - The Danish State Grants and Loans scheme

Aalborg University Copenhagen do not provide direct assistance in terms of questions related to SU. Therefore, you are kindly asked to forward your inquiries regarding SU directly to the SU Office at Aalborg University in Aalborg


Phone: (+45) 9940 9430 during openings hours every weekday between 12:00 and 15:00.


more information 

If you are a foreign citizen you can read about the SU rules here:
If you want to apply for SU you have to fill out an application form at via the online system minSU. 

You also have to fill out a special form for foreign citizens (pops-up when registering that you are not a Danish citizen). The application form has to be send to the SU-office at Aalborg University. Whereupon the SU-Office at Aalborg University in Aalborg will register it and forward it to “SU Styrelsen”.


Aalborg University
Fredriks Bajers Vej 5, room 115
9220 Aalborg East


Aalborg University Copenhagen do not provide direct assistance regarding scholarships. However International Office in Aalborg provides information about and links to scholarships relevant for international students.

Read more about scholarships and grants here

Tuition waiver (non-EU only)

Each year Aalborg University receives a number of Tuitions Waivers. The total amount and to which study areas/faculties they are awarded is politically decided. Please note that as a new foreign non-EU student, it is not possible to apply for the Tuition Waiver.

When you apply for a Master programme, you are automatically considered if you fulfil the criteria's. Therefore there are no application forms.

Please read more here